New Student Discount

First 4 Classes: 10€/class

New students can pre-pay and buy a pack of 4 classes for 40€ (normally 25€/class) or book classes for 15€ and pay per class for the first 4 classes only. This promotion gives students time to get to know me as a teacher and my style of teaching at a low price to see if they are satisfied. *New student discount only valid until April 15, 2022. I also offer a free 30 minute consultation. This is a simple conversation so you tell me about yourself and I can explain the structure of my classes.

1 English Class
*the first 4 classes only
  • Pay per class
  • 60 minute class
  • New students only
  • Normally 25€/class
4 English Classes Pack
*can only buy once
40€ total
  • 10€/class
  • 60 minute classes
  • New students only
  • Normally 25€/class